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Don't Dream it, Do it!

To enrol in one of our upcoming workshops please click on either Digital or PDF link below to complete our enrolment form.


Payment options:

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT (Preferred-  Please complete; Digital - Credit Card Enrolment     >




DIRECT DEPOSIT/EFT -  BSB: 014713 / ACCOUNT: 100638028 / Production Studio Australia

*Please complete the Printable Enrolment Form - Direct Deposit and include confirmation/receipt number >


Completed enrolment forms can be sent via email to



Our COVID-19 Guarantee

In the event of course disruption due to covid-19 all students are guaranteed full course completion, with alternative measures. ie.  Moving to our online training platform or pausing and continuing at a later stage.  Each case will be handled on an individual needs basis.




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